Saturday, March 3, 2012

carry on my wayward son

Supernatural is a pretty great show. Its mix of classic rock, beautiful men, supernatural action, and comedy is irresistible. The subject matter and humor remind me a bit of Buffy (one of my favorite shows). I also like the conceptual homage to On the Road: Sam and Dean traveling across the country like Kerouac's Sal and Dean. In a very cool vintage Chevy Impala nonetheless.

Also, nothing can break your heart like this guy's sad face:

Jared Padalecki. For those who remember his sweetness from Gilmore Girls, his sensitive (most of the time) Sam Winchester is just wonderful. Note the "puppy dog eyes."

This show always has me swooning. It's just so hard to be a Winchester! They're so pretty, but they have to deal with so much...

Haha, I'm a sucker for troubled heros.

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